My Supports

Daily Supports:
This is Joe on our Wedding Day, 4/9/11
My Biggest support is on an emotional, physical, and mental level: my husband, and best friend, Joe. There are many reasons why I say this. First, on the emotional level, he cares about me and makes me feel special. Without that support, I wouldn't have felt confident enough to pursue my Masters in Education. On the physical aspect, he helps with daily chores such as laundry, dishes, and housework. He helps me even when I am feeling sick, or just plain tired from all my responsibilities throughout the week. He also supports me as my own personal IT guy (it is his job, but it is so great to have him around). When I have quirky moments at the computer, he always finds a way to fix it! Whether it is something I am doing wrong, or something that happened to my computer, I never have to worry it seems.
And mentally, some days, he just keeps me sane! There are some days that can be so stressful, yet he knows how to bring me back to a more mellow state of mind. Without him, I wouldn't be the strong person I am today. He has been one of my supports for almost twelve years now! I can't even think of the day when we can't be together anymore. My life would change forever without his support. 

This is a photo of my Sisters. They are also a big support system for me.
Not only on my Wedding Day, but also throughout my life, my sisters continue to be a strong foundation for me. They have been through many emotionally difficult times with me and we have always found a way to overcome it. There are five of us, and I know that there is power in numbers. I truly believe that we are here for a reason and five sisters is very powerful. My sisters have also been physically and emotionally supportive throughout my life. 

Here is my Mom. 

Another strong advocate and support is my Mom. She has always been an emotional rock for my sisters and I. In the past year and a half, we have lost my father, grandfather and an uncle (all from the same side of the family). It was my mom who stood tall and helped to take care of these men as they became sick. If it wasn't for her strength and commitment to our family, I don't think my sisters and I would be the women we are today. Thank you Mommy for being so strong for all of us during this difficult time! 

A Potential Challenge: One thing I could see as a challenge, is losing my husband. Since we have moved 3 hours from our families, it would be a detrimental loss to me as the rest of my supports are back in our home state of New York. I would have a bunch of decisions to make regarding my career, possible relocation, and what to do if I had children because the choices would also affect them. It would be much easier on me if I had more family locally. I think the only thing I could do is to move back to my hometown. However, I would have to keep in mind the interests of my children (dependent upon their ages). I know I would be facing some strong emotions if this were to happen so I would need a lot of support from others at this time.