February 1, 2012

International Contacts - Alternative Assignment

     Since I still have not had the pleasure of getting in contact with an international professional in the early childhood field, I have chosen the alternative assignment once again. For this week, we were asked to review the "Global Children's Initiative" as seen on the Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child web page.
     As I reviewed the website further, I found more in-depth information about the program's commitments to early childhood development. Currently they are working on trial assessments in countries like Zambia to measure assessments that are linked to malaria control. They are also trying to effectively assess children programs on a diverse level which includes expanding preschool programs in Chile. 
     The Global Children's Initiative has specifically designated faculty that focus on issues in early childhood development, child mental health, and children in crisis and conflict situations. This is important as it relates to our current discussions in class about equity and excellence in early childhood programs. The Global Children's Initiative is helping to support low-income areas by providing more access to preschool programs (such as the program in Chile), as well as researching how disease affects child development (as in Zambia's studies). Organizations like the Global Children's Initiative help educators to provide the best learning environments based on the needs of the children. 

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. (2010). Global children's initiative. Retrieved from 


  1. Clara,
    I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to get in touch with anyone. The Global Children’s Initiative is a great program aiming to benefit children across the country. I also visited their website briefly to see what different things this program was trying to accomplish. It is great that they putting forth effort to get children into preschool programs around the world (Chile). As we have learned throughout our journey in early childhood, these years are crucial to child development.

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  3. Clara,
    In reading your blog, I was motivated to visit the website. I was amazed at the commitment by the Global Children’s Initiative in their proactive stand to focus on early child development, child mental health, and children in conflict and conflict solutions. I particularly enjoyed listening to a video segment that I will share with some colleagues that are relevant to our discussions on equity and quality of early care in Spanish.


  4. Hi Clara, I have not heard from any of my international contacts either. The center on the developing child is a educational and informative site. It is time for educators, policy makers, administrators and the government to realize what a healthy child's development involves. A child's development is more than just academics but it is the overall health that starts the process.

  5. Clara,
    Thank you for this review. I am very much interested in the Global Children’s initiative. I think it can potentially change the lives of many children. Child mental health needs to be addressed especially when children are living under toxic environment such as conflict. Furthermore, I believe this initiative can be a great learning experience for all of us in early education. I am definitely staying in tune.