June 20, 2012

Professional Hopes & Goals Surrounding Diversity

I hope that children (maybe even my own) will someday be
able to accept and embrace everyone that comes into their lives in their early childhood setting. I hope that no child has to feel excluded just because of the social identities and family culture that is an essential part of their identity.

Early childhood educators need to be able to stand up for
children and families that come from diverse backgrounds. It is my goal to help facilitate this concept in my own center, as well as help the other staff members learns how to do the same for the families in their classrooms. By supporting families of diverse cultures, we create social justice and equity for them.

Special Thanks:

Dr. Ferrari & Colleagues,
Thank you for all of your shared insight and ideas regarding diversity.
I have learned so many things about myself and how to respond to others in better ways to prevent prejudice, bias, and microaggressions. I look forward to utilizing the ideas and concepts in my professional work, and wish all of you the best in your future educational endeavors.

"America's strength is not our diversity; our strength is our ability to unite people of different backgrounds around common principles. A common language is necessary to reach that goal."
Ernest Istook


  1. Clara,

    Thanks for sharing your compassion and insights in the early childhood field this semester.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Good luck in your future courses!

  2. Clara,
    Thank you for sharing with us your personal and professional experiences with us which makes our course very interesting. I hope that you will continue to work towards creating an anti-bias environment to promote diversity and equity in your classroom.

    I really enjoyed exchanging ideas and doing discussions with you. Good luck on our next course.

  3. Thanks Clara for the posting and wonderful thoughts. I believe that it should be a requirement for educators to do what is right and set a positive, ethical example for the children and families that we come in contact with. Best wishes.

  4. Clara,

    I also hope that my child will be able to accept people for who they are. We can have such great experiences when we share who we are with others. It was great working with you, and good luck in your future classes!


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  6. Clara,

    I believe that your "hope" should be universally hoped for by others. My heart truly go out to today's generation and I hope and pray that they will progress and strive to better in every aspect of their lives. I agree with your goal and I believe that if one is in ECE and they do not take a stand for children and families, they are in the wrong field. Our job is to impact lives and how can we do that if we are not taking a stand for our young children and their families. Thank you for your ideas and insight over the past 8 weeks. Best wishes in all future endeavors!

  7. Clara,

    It's also my hope that all children including my own are accepted by this world and that they are not made to feel bad because of their race,abilities, social class, economic status. Our world has progressed we still have a long road of head. Until everyone can freely express themselves without fear of discrimination, prejudices, and stereotypes people like you and I will have to keep on fighting and spreading the word about social justice and equity for all.