August 16, 2012

To all of My Colleagues

As I reflect on another course at Walden, it is important to recognize each of you for your contributions to my learning experience. Without the feedback from all of you in discussions and blog posts, it would be a very boring experience for me. I like being able to communicate and bounce ideas off of one another to shed some other perspectives on the current issues in our field. I wish all of you the best as you continue on your educational journeys. I begin a new position on Monday as the Director of a Nursery School with 2s, 3s, and 4s. I will meet my new staff members and hopefully have a warm welcome from each of them. I will be the outsider coming in to an organization that has been well-established for decades, the YMCA. Please keep in touch and if you have any suggestions on how I can start off on the right foot with my new team at the Y, please email me at:

Thank you all, and best wishes for continued success!


  1. Clara,

    CONGRATS!!!! What an awesome position! I am sure the staff, children, and families will enjoy having you as the director! CONGRATS! I have enjoyed reading your blogs and discussion post! If your center ever goes through the environment rating scale please feel free to contact me for any advice (this is one of the many services I provide to the centers and homes I work with, both ITERS, ECERS, and FCCERS). Best wishes!

    LaQuasia Cousar

  2. Clara,
    Congratulations on your promotion. I am sure that you will do great in taking care of your staff , the families and children in your center because you understand how it is to be a teacher and you passion for teaching will always lead you to better decision making. I hope that you will carry on with you the lessons that we learned from this course on how to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and families in your care.
    Goodluck to you and hope to see you again on our next course.