April 27, 2013

Time Well Spent

Three Deeply Felt Learnings from this Program:

For children, play is as natural as breathing—and as necessary.
—Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld,
U.S. early childhood educator and author

One Long Term Goal:

One long term goal that I have for myself is to continue my education by staying aware of current issues in the early childhood field. This will include scheduling more frequent professional development workshops for myself and staff members.


The completion of my Masters program here at Walden University marks the start of a new chapter in my life. As I approach my 4th month of pregnancy (things are going well), I look forward to raising my child in a world that will hopefully continue to offer great early childhood opportunities for everyone. 

Thank you to everyone that I have met along the journey as it gives me great hope for the future of all children. You all have been inspiration to me as I continue my work in the field. Best wishes to all of you in the future! Congratulations to all of you in the completion of your programs as well :)

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  1. Clara, Congratulation on your pregnancy and completing this course. This has been an amazing 8 weeks. Best Wishes with your future endeavors.