March 10, 2012

My Personal Research Journey

     I recently began a new class in my Masters program entitled "Building Research Competencies."

     I must admit, when I saw this course on my academic calendar, I was nervous. As my colleagues and I discover how to develop a research simulation, I have chosen the topic "What are the long term social/emotional benefits for children that attended Head Start programs?"
     I would like to learn about the ways children are affected (both negatively and positively) by attending a Head Start program. I chose this topic because I don't hear much about Head Start programs in my area and after looking on-line, there are very few in the area. I also want to see what the findings show regarding success in school as the child grows, as it is very important that children have a strong, quality program in the early years. For me, it will be interesting to see what the studies in the past have shown to compare it with current programs.
     As I learned in last week's assignments, it will be important for me to find solid, reputable sources that can support my idea as well as current information. I have already been researching the reasons why Head Start began in the first place, which seems to date back to 1965 (About Head Start, 2011). I would love for anyone that works in a Head Start program to provide feedback or additional resources to me for this research simulation project. Thank you in advance!


About Head Start. (2011). Retrieved March 10, 2012 from
(A Division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)


  1. Hi Clara, this is a excellent topic because I believe that children's emotional, physical and mental development begins in head start. I think that research should be conducted to see the what are the benefits of development the children will have by attending the program. I view this as a positive move for parents because it will enhance the chilren's capabilities and get them prepared for grade school. Good luch on your research.

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