March 18, 2012

Research that Benefits Children & Families - A Positive Story

As I think about issues concerning research that involves children, I came across a very recent uplifting story that affects children who may not eat a healthy breakfast before school each day. The story from Kellogg Company (2012) is entitled: "Kellogg's® and Action for Healthy Kids® Announce Share Your Breakfast(TM) Grant Recipients for 2011-2012 School Year."
The in-depth article can be viewed here:

In order to verify the research that backs up this announcement, I read the footnotes at the bottom of the article and looked up the research study noted. The 1st reference from Rampersaud, Pereira, Girard, Adams, and Metzl (2005), is an article that discusses how breakfast consumption may improve cognitive function related to memory, test grades, and school attendance. The study looks at the effects of eating breakfast for children and adolescents. I did not have access to full article without paying, but the article and abstract does come from a credible source as it is in a peer-reviewed journal (the Journal of the American Dietetic Association). 

The reason I chose this article is because Kellogg's has agreed to work in partnership with Action for Healthy Kids to help schools in particular districts provide breakfasts to children. Children need to have proper nutrition in order to succeed in schools and this program is one step in the direction for achieving this for everyone because of a small research study. I can only imagine the impact of such a study if it was carried out nationally in many school districts to see how many children are actually eating a healthy meal. 


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  1. Clara,
    What a great subject you reflected on! At my school, the students receive breakfast every morning. Some days the breakfast will consist of cereal and juice other days it will be bagel and cream cheese, graham crackers, yogurt, bananas and many others. It is interesting to me because often times the breakfast they are serving is not healthy. It is full of sugar and then the students are hyper, talkative and not focused. Although I think it is a good program to have, the breakfast options need to be healthy. I am eager to learn more about the Action for Healthy Kids program. I wonder what type of schools it will serve. Either way, it is for the benefit of children and that is the important thing!

  2. Hi Clara,I know from my own experience as a parents that it is very important ffor children to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. When my children were growing up, I made sure that they ate breakfast to get their day started. I also eat a healthy breakfast as an adult to ensure the my body is getting what is needed. I believe that a healthy breakfast will help with the physical development of children by giving them that energy to help them focus better when they get to school. Good post.