March 31, 2012

Research Around the World: A Focus on Australia

One of the first topics I was drawn to is that of School Readiness for Preschoolers. I found the link here: I chose the first link on the page that led me to information from NYU (New York University). This is an important topic in any country as schools are always looking at best practices that are developmentally appropriate. I found this article helpful as well in understanding milestones for children that are between 4 and 5 years of age.

Another topic on the webpage that caught my eye is The National Quality Standard excellence rating. After reading the article found here:, it appears that Australia is looking to adopt a set of standards for high quality education. This would be optional just as accreditation in the USA from NAEYC. Australia seems to want to set the bar high for what constitutes a high quality early learning program.

In continuing to peruse the website, I found a link to an initiative for children with disabilities and autism. It seems the government has launched two programs that assist families with funding for their child to receive services after being diagnosed. This is something that the United States needs to adopt as states continue to struggle with budgetting for programs like Birth to Three. In order to promote education, the schools need the resources to support the children that are struggling due to disabilities.
You can read more about Australia's programs here:

Early Childhood Australia has a list of values statements that are interesting as well. One that stood out to me was "The rights of children." ECA states that infants and young children are citizens with the same rights as everyone in our society and should have access to its protections and benefits to help them have the best possible start in life.   The well being of young children is Early Childhood Australia’s prime focus. We particularly recognise the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families, acknowledging past and current injustices and realities around Australia, and we challenge ourselves to work for true Reconciliation (


  1. The information available about younger children is wonderful for anyone that has a heart for the younger generation. Providing useful information that can be utilized in the everyday caring of children. Thank you for your insight!

    1. I love the layout of your site! I, too, navigated around this site. This country should take a closer look at the need of children before feeling the need to slash funding for our little ones.

  2. Hi Clara, you pointed out some great facts about research in Australia. It is always good to know more and more about how research and education is being brought to the forefront to let everyone know how important early education is around the world.