July 21, 2012

My Assessment of My Communication Skills & Results from Others

I have to say that for this assignment, I was a bit nervous at how others might perceive my verbal aggressions. This week at work I had an incident with my boss where I felt like I overstepped my boundaries when I was angry by lashing out and doubting her abilities to run our school. I do believe, however, that this was an isolated incident because I have had frustrations with work building up, and it is starting to come out in my daily interactions with my boss.

This assignment was definitely enlightening to see that I don't usually come across as an aggressive speaker to my husband or one of my co-workers. All of the scores put me in the moderate range which states: "you maintain a good balance between respect and consideration for others' viewpoints, and the ability to argue fairly by attacking the facts of a position rather than the person holding that position."

The first thing I came away with from this assignment is to holdback any attacks on one's personal character, even in an argumentative conversation. There are ways to support your position with facts and come away a "winner" without attacking the other person's abilities or self-concept.

The second thing I took away from this is the importance of being a good listener. I think it is very important to others to know that a person is listening to them whole-heartedly. This assignment helped me to see how people-oriented I am in this regard. My husband, a co-worker, and myself all received this result when doing the assessment. Relationship building is important to serving families and children, and this is a positive in my career. It is also a positive in my personal life as I work hard to maintain the relationships I have with friends and family. I will, however, have to be more careful in the amount of trust I put into people. Being people-oriented can have this downfall associated with it.

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